Unpacking the Truth: Does Aetna Cover Silver Sneakers?

Unpacking the Truth: Does Aetna Cover Silver Sneakers?

Short answer does Aetna pay for Silver Sneakers:

Yes, Aetna Medicare Advantage plans cover the SilverSneakers program which provides access to fitness centers, wellness coaching, and social activities for older adults. However, individual eligibility may vary by plan and location.

How Aetna Pays for Silver Sneakers: Understanding the Process

As we age, staying active becomes increasingly important for maintaining our health and well-being. Regular exercise not only keeps us physically fit, but also helps to ward off illness and prevent chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. To make it easier for seniors to stay active, Aetna offers a program called Silver Sneakers – a fitness program designed specifically for older adults, which provides access to gyms, fitness classes, and other resources aimed at keeping seniors healthy and active.

But how exactly does Aetna pay for this program? As with many things in the world of healthcare, the answer is complex and multi-faceted. Here’s what you need to know:

Firstly, it’s worth noting that Aetna doesn’t actually run the Silver Sneakers program itself – it partners with an organization called Tivity Health (formerly known as Healthways) to provide these services. Tivity Health is responsible for identifying participating gyms and fitness centers across the country, developing new programs and initiatives to meet the needs of members, and administering reimbursement payments back to providers who participate in the network.

So how does Aetna pay for all of this? It’s a combination of factors. One major element involved is contracts negotiated between insurance providers like Aetna and medical providers such as hospitals or doctor’s offices. They decide on discounts or reimbursements that If offered will allow people in Medicare Advantage plans free access or discounted access through discounts paid by their policy provider rather than Silver Sneakers itself providing funds.

Additionally, there are government subsidies available under the Affordable Care Act that help offset the cost of certain preventive care services for Medicare beneficiaries – including participation in fitness programs like Silver Sneakers.
It all comes down to promoting preventative measures that can reduce overall healthcare costs over longer periods of time.

Ultimately though, why does insurance companies offer these additional benefits?

At its core, providing resources such as Silver Sneakers helps protect insurers financial interests. When seniors have access to wellness programs, they’re more likely to stay active and healthy – which can translate to lower healthcare costs down the line. By investing in their customers’ preventative care, insurance providers are ultimately supporting these individuals in taking actions that lead to overall better health outcomes.

So there you have it – a brief overview of how Aetna pays for Silver Sneakers. It may seem complicated at first, but underneath it all is a simple goal: keeping our older adults happy, active and healthy in order to prevent future medical challenges that cost much more down the line than offering gym memberships alone. Happy Exercise plans!

Step-by-Step: How to Get Aetna to Pay for Your Silver Sneakers Membership

When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, exercise plays an important role. It not only keeps the body fit and active but also helps in keeping several health issues at bay. Now, what if I told you that your insurance could pay for your gym membership? Yes, you heard it right! In this blog post, we will take you through a step-by-step guide on how to get Aetna to pay for your Silver Sneakers Membership.

Firstly, let’s start with some basics. For those who don’t know what Silver Sneakers is – it is a fitness program designed specifically for seniors aged above 65 years. The program primarily aims at improving the overall health and well-being of older adults while keeping them active and engaged.

Now, without further ado let’s walk through each step:

Step 1: Check Your Eligibility

Before starting the process of getting Aetna to pay for your Silver Sneakers membership, verify if you are eligible for it under your specific plan. You can either check online on their website or by calling a customer service representative.

Step 2: Search for Participating Gyms

Once confirmed about eligibility, search for the participating gyms that are part of the Silver Sneakers network using their interactive tool available on their website or mobile app.

Step 3: Enroll in a Health Plan offering Silver Sneaker Benefits

Here comes one of the most important steps – enroll in an Aetna health plan which offers SilverSneaker benefits as part of its coverage options. Once enrolled, choose any participating gym from their wide network and start working out!

Step 4: Visit Your Chosen Gym Location

After enrolling in both Aetna’s plan having SilverSneakers benefits and selecting a gym location under their provider network, all that needs to be done is visiting your selected campground location facility. Just present your Aetna ID card along with the membership confirmation information provided by SilverSneakers during enrollment. Now you’re all set!

In conclusion, including Silver Sneakers benefits in your Aetna plan can ideally provide necessary coverage to help seniors stay fit and lead a healthy lifestyle while also saving them money on gym membership fees. Follow these simple steps and enjoy the perks of staying fit even after retiring!

Aetna and Silver Sneakers: FAQ and Common Questions Answered

As a healthcare provider, Aetna’s goal is to help their members lead healthier lives and stay active in retirement. That’s why Aetna partnered with SilverSneakers – a fitness program designed specifically for seniors that provides access to gyms, fitness classes, and other wellness resources.

In this blog post, we’ll answer some common questions about Aetna and SilverSneakers. So, whether you’re already an Aetna customer or thinking of signing up soon, keep reading for more information on how you can benefit from this partnership!

Q: What is Silver Sneakers?

SilverSneakers is a health and fitness program designed specifically for seniors (typically age 65+). The program offers free gym memberships at participating locations across the country and has helped millions of seniors stay active and healthy since its inception in 1992.

Q: Do I have to pay extra for Silver Sneakers with my Aetna plan?

Good news! If you have an Aetna Medicare Advantage plan or an Aetna Medicare Supplement insurance plan (aka Medigap), your membership with SilverSneakers comes at no additional cost.

Q: What type of benefits do I get from Silver Sneakers as an Aetna member?

With your free membership to SilverSneakers, you’ll get access to:

– Over 15,000 participating gyms and fitness centers across the US
– Thousands of on-demand workout videos at home via the online platform called “SilverSneakers On-Demand.”
– Weekly group exercise classes led by certified instructors.
– Access to workshops focused on wellness topics such as nutrition education, stress management techniques.

Additionally, members will receive discounts on services like massage therapy that could cost substantially otherwise.

Q: How do I sign up for my free membership through my Aetna coverage?

The process of getting enrolled is relatively easy. First check if your plan includes coverage by visiting your Aetna Member website or giving a call to an Aetna representative. As long as the coverage is included, you only have to sign up at any participating location that accepts SilverSneakers with your insurance information.

Q. Any extra perks for my membership with Silver Sneakers?

Yes! Many fitness centers offer “Fitness Your Way” when joining which gives a user the opportunity to join participating locations outside of the network for reasonable pricing and other options. Partnered with this gyms will allow members to access amenities such as performance training areas or swimming pools.

In conclusion, if you are already an Aetna member and looking for a way to stay active and lead a healthy lifestyle in retirement, then signing up for SilverSneakers is definitely worth it. With free memberships at over 15,000 locations across the US, access to on-demand workout videos online, and personalized group classes led by certified professionals are just some features available. Start out today or make sure you enroll in your membership benefits fit under Medicare advantage plan or Medigap plan!