Unpacking Aetna Medicare Advantage: Does it Offer Silver Sneakers?

Unpacking Aetna Medicare Advantage: Does it Offer Silver Sneakers?

Short answer: Does Aetna Medicare Advantage have Silver Sneakers?

Yes, Aetna Medicare Advantage offers members access to the SilverSneakers fitness program at no additional cost. This benefit includes a gym membership, online classes, and other resources to help seniors improve their health and wellness.

How Does Aetna Medicare Advantage Offer Silver Sneakers Benefits to Members?

As we age, it becomes increasingly important to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. One of the easiest ways to stay fit and healthy in later years is by staying physically active. However, the cost of gym memberships or fitness classes can be expensive for many seniors on a fixed income, which makes Aetna Medicare Advantage’s offering of Silver Sneakers benefits for members particularly valuable.

But how does Aetna manage to provide this benefit to its Medicare Advantage members? Let’s delve into the details.

Firstly, what is Silver Sneakers?

Silver Sneakers is a comprehensive fitness program designed specifically for older adults that offers free access to over 16,000 fitness facilities across the United States. The program focuses on improving cardiovascular health, flexibility training, strength training and balance exercises – all essential elements in maintaining a healthy body as one ages.

Now let’s explore how Aetna Medicare Advantage provides this benefit:

1) Partnering with the right providers

To provide SilverSneakers benefits to their members hassle-free, Aetna partners with Tivity Health Inc., which runs the SilverSneakers program across many cities in America. Through this partnership, Aetna has been able to offer free membership at participating gyms for its customers who are eligible for the program.

2) Inclusion in specific plan offerings

Aetna Medicare Advantage usually includes SilverSneakers as part of their plan features during enrollment periods. In other words, you do not have to pay extra fees or sign up separately; it’s just considered one of the many features offered under that particular plan.

By including it as a built-in feature rather than an optional add-on service provided at an additional premium cost; they make it easier and more affordable to stay active while managing expenses on healthcare plans simultaneously.

3) Multi-year contracts

The convenience factor is due mostly because of these multiyear contracts with Tivity Health Inc., negotiated by companies like Aetna. These contracts reduce the gym’s cost, allowing customers to take full advantage of the SilverSneakers program FREE of any charges by participating fitness centers. Because it’s a win-win for all parties involved – the client gets free use of gym facilities while insurance companies can keep their overall health costs in check.

4) Benefits beyond physical wellness

Apart from staying active, being part of a community is equally significant in keeping up mental and emotional well-being when one retires or reduces work hours. With SilverSneakers’ free group classes or gyms offering seniors live wellness programs such as Yoga, Zumba Gold and many others tailored specifically to meet socialization aspects of senior life. Furthermore, participants will have access to online resources on health education and nutrition.

In conclusion;

Aetna’s provision of Silver Sneakers benefits to its Medicare Advantage members is only one way that it manages costs while improving outcomes for individuals in their later years. By working with Tivity Health Inc., including Silver Sneakers as a built-in feature within plan offerings, negotiating long-term

Does Aetna Medicare Advantage Have Silver Sneakers Step by Step Guide for Enrolling

If you’re looking for a Medicare Advantage plan with Silver Sneakers benefits, Aetna has got you covered. This guide will take you through the process of enrolling in Aetna Medicare Advantage and getting those coveted Silver Sneakers perks.

Step 1: Assess Your Health Needs

Before enrolling in any plan, it’s important to think about your health needs. Do you need prescription drug coverage? Are there specific doctors or hospitals you want to be able to visit? Consider your current health status and any potential health issues that could arise in the future.

Step 2: Research Available Plans

Once you know what your health needs are, research the available Medicare Advantage plans in your area. Aetna offers several different plans with varying levels of coverage and premiums. Take note of which plans offer Silver Sneakers benefits as well as any other features that are important to you.

Step 3: Compare Costs

In addition to comparing coverage, it’s important to compare costs such as monthly premiums, deductibles, co-pays, and out-of-pocket maximums. Make sure the plan you choose fits within your budget while providing adequate coverage.

Step 4: Enroll In Your Chosen Plan

Once you’ve decided on an Aetna Medicare Advantage plan with Silver Sneakers benefits and compared all associated costs, it’s time to enroll. You can enroll during specific enrollment periods determined by the government or if certain life events occur (such as moving or losing employer-provided insurance). Alternatively, if this is a new plan year for you then find out when open enrollment is for selecting plans like Aetna’s over their competitors

Step 5: Sign Up For Silver Sneakers

After enrolling in an appropriate Aetna Medicare Advantage plan with Silver Sneakers benefits comes getting enrolled with SS itself for unlockable fitness membership at participating gyms around U.S., follow by following few steps:

* Go to the Silver Sneakers website.
* Click “Find Your Fitness” and enter your zip code to find participating gyms in your area.
* Complete the online enrollment form or call their customer service representatives by dialling 1-888-423-4632.

In conclusion, when looking for a Medicare Advantage plan with Silver Sneakers benefits, Aetna should be at the top of your list. With its variety of plans and competitive pricing, enrolling can bring great deals. By following these five simple steps, you’ll be able to enroll in an appropriate plan as through process at ease and access all the fitness opportunities you desire.

Aetna Medicare Advantage and Silver Sneakers: Frequently Asked Questions Answered!

As we age, our health becomes more crucial in maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. Medical insurance is a necessary tool at this stage of our lives as it helps us access medical care without worrying about the financial burden. One such insurance program that caters to senior citizens is Medicare Advantage, offered by Aetna.

However, seniors also need to engage in physical fitness activities for continued good health. This is where Silver Sneakers comes into play. Silver Sneakers is a fitness program designed for seniors that provides them with access to numerous wellness centers across the country where they can exercise and remain active.

In this blog, we will answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding Aetna Medicare Advantage and Silver Sneakers so you can make an informed decision about your healthcare needs.

What is Aetna Medicare Advantage?

Aetna Medicare Advantage is a healthcare insurance plan designed for senior citizens above the age of 65 or younger people with certain disabilities or chronic conditions who have enrolled in Medicare Part A and B. The plans offer additional benefits beyond Original Medicare coverage, including prescription drug coverage, vision care, hearing aid services, and dental exams.

Is Silver Sneakers included in Aetna’s Medicare Advantage Plans?

Yes! All Aetna’s Medicare Advantage plans include free membership to Silver Sneakers. So if you are looking for a reliable fitness program without having to spend extra cash, then Aetna’s Medicare Advantage plans may be worth exploring – not only do you get regular health check-ups but also gain access to gyms and other exercise programs through the network of qualified facilities provided by Silver Sneakers.

What kind of facilities does Silver Sneakers’ network covers?

Silver Sneaker has partnered with over 14k locations across the country offering quality exercise programs such as swimming pools, gyms designed specifically for seniors’ needs like indoor walking tracks or low-impact equipment as well as access to wellness classes ranging from yoga & meditation classes to Pilates.

How Can I join Silver Sneakers through my Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan?

Enrolling for a Silver Sneakers membership with Aetna Medicare Advantage plan is easy, and it can be done either by calling the number provided on your insurance card or visiting their website. After registering, you will receive your SILVER SNEAKERS ID card that will allow easy access to all affiliated gym locations.

Is there any cost involved in joining Silver Sneakers?

No! As an Aetna beneficiary, you won’t have to pay anything extra for your membership in Silver Sneaker. All members of age 65 and older enrolled in an Aetna Medicare Advantage plan are eligible for a free fitness program that provides them access to various wellness facilities nationwide.

In conclusion

Aetna Medicare Advantage plans provide seniors with additional benefits beyond what traditional Original Medicare covers and offer free membership to the popular fitness program called “Silver Sneakers.” With this program, seniors gain greater peace of mind knowing they’re covered financially if they should become ill or need medical care while