Exploring the Truth: Are New Balance Sneakers Really Made in the USA?

Exploring the Truth: Are New Balance Sneakers Really Made in the USA?

Short answer: Are New Balance sneakers made in the USA?

New Balance is an American footwear company. While some of their shoes are made in overseas factories, they still produce a significant amount of their shoes in the United States. Look for “Made in USA” on the label to ensure you’re purchasing domestically-produced New Balance sneakers.

A Step-by-Step Guide: How New Balance Sneakers are Made in the USA

New Balance sneakers are a footwear staple loved by people all over the world. They’re comfortable, stylish, and made using high-quality materials that are both durable and sustainable. But have you ever wondered how these fantastic shoes are made? Well, wonder no more! In this step-by-step guide, we’ll take you deep dive into the intricate process of how New Balance Sneakers are Made in the USA.

Design Phase:

The New Balance design team first sketches out various models on paper, taking into consideration not just aesthetics but also comfortability and technical specifications such as weight distribution points and movement patterns required for end-users.

Materials Sourcing:

Once the design is finalized, it’s time to source the right materials that will bring our sketches to life. The company carefully selects its suppliers who offer only eco-friendly and highest quality leather or vegan alternatives along with rubber (for soles), laces & wider range of technical fabrics for upper material composition

Pattern Cutting:

Once they accumulate the necessary raw materials with unique specifications (such as eco-friendly leather) to produce each sneaker model then a digital pattern is generated from computerized 2D drawings that covers all parts involved uppers or soles to ensure utmost precision during cutting process


The different sections, cuts & panels created in the pattern phase are sewn together by experienced artisans manually or through custom-made automated machines depending on complexity requirements of each area either inside-out stitching ‘strobel’ technique or outside-in stitching methods.

Lasting :

In this stage ,shoe upper and sole components start getting assembled through precise molding method used for transferring shoe contour on structure called’ lasts’. The uppers are attached to several types of midsoles including EVA foam board adding cushioned support underfoot . This crucial stage contributes hugely ultimate stability levels when walking with better arch-support.

Finishing touches:

It’s finally time for those finishing touches that make every pair of New Balance sneakers stand out. These include adding eyelets, inscribing logos and branding features and ensuring final checks for presentation standards & product quality assurance such as adequate packaging


Before being released into the market, each pair of New Balance shoes go through several rounds of testing to ensure they can withstand daily use, athletics events, different terrains & seasons ,to retain its high durability level under heavy usage.

Wrap up:

In conclusion, we hope you now have a better appreciation for how much effort goes into making every single pair of the New Balance sneakers you own or might be interested in getting your feet on soon. From the design sketching to meticulous material sourcing and from precision cuts to various assembly steps – every process ensures unrivaled comfort, style and durability standards are met. The great example towards showing continued support for local economy values by proudly keeping production facilities within USA boundaries leads to creating jobs while contributing positively environmentally conscious practices that reduce carbon footprints.. So why not try out a pair (or two!) today? Trust us – it’s worth it!

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About New Balance Sneakers Being Made in the USA

As a consumer, it can be quite challenging to navigate the vast selection of sneakers available on the market today. Every brand, from Adidas and Nike to Puma and Reebok, all claim to offer the highest quality shoes for sport and leisure. However, if you’re seeking a truly exceptional pair of kicks that are made in America, then look no further than New Balance sneakers.

What Makes New Balance Sneakers Stand Out?

New Balance is widely known for producing some of the most comfortable and durable running shoes around. Unlike many other brands, New Balance is also committed to manufacturing its footwear in the United States. This level of transparency has won over countless loyal customers who appreciate not only the superior quality materials used but also appreciate knowing they are supporting American workers.

Are All New Balance Shoes Made In The USA?

While most iconic designs like the 990, 992 & 993 have been manufactured exclusively in America since their inception several decades ago; however currently only around one-quarter of New Balance’s total shoe production occurs within American borders. The company continues to strive toward making even more options here by establishing new factories including an incredible state-of-the-art one opening soon in Massachusetts.

Is There a Difference Between US-Made vs International Models?

Yes! Although there is always variance depending on individual models and materials used, consumers tend to find that those US-made options give an extra boost in comfort level due to higher quality craftsmanship along with improved material selection. Look-wise too many prefer that classic retro style versus trendier sleeker silhouettes put out by other brands over time – either pays tribute to nostalgia or complements an outfit with old-school cool element.

What Should You Expect From Wearing These Shoes?

Whether you opt for one specific collection such as Fresh Foam series or take advantage of numerous styles available varying between professional runners models all way down shop racks at your favorite athletic franchise; any buyer is sure to appreciate lasting support offered throughout their active life stages. With its emphasis on quality production, you’re sure to get a great value for your money with these shoes.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking to invest in a pair of high-quality American-made sneakers that provide outstanding comfort and durability, then New Balance is definitely worth checking out. They offer an array of models and styles that are perfect for athletes and non-athletes alike and boast unparalleled manufacturing standards globally. Its loyal customer base coupled with the fact they continue to expand domestic factories should persuade any discerning sneaker shopper wanting balance between style, resilience, over brand fads.

Behind the Scenes: The Process of Making New Balance Sneakers in America

As one of the few sneaker brands that still manufactures some of its products in America, New Balance provides a rare glimpse into the world of domestic shoe production. The process is intricate and detailed, requiring specialized machinery and a highly skilled workforce to create each pair of sneakers.

Firstly, materials are carefully chosen and sourced from around the world to meet New Balance’s high standards for quality. Leather is selected and cut with precision before being stitched onto sturdy rubber soles. Textile fabrics are often utilized for the upper part of the shoe, offering flexibility and breathability.

Once the pieces have been prepared, they move through the assembly line where employees meticulously construct each sneaker by hand. This part of the process requires extreme attention to detail as any mistakes could compromise both the safety and aesthetic appeal of the finished product.

Certain models even require complex procedures such as heat welding, which ensures that separate layers on the sole are secured together without diminishing their quality. Additionally, foam padding must be added into designated areas to provide extra comfort and support.

The finishing touches include adding logos or designs onto each shoe before they’re packaged up for final shipment or display in stores across America or beyond its borders.

Despite modern advances in technology this good old-fashioned approach ensures that every pair is built to last with durability and style at their core values—underlining why customers have remained loyal to New Balance for over 100 years.

New Balance’s made in USA sneakers range – which includes styles such as classic running shoes like 990, heritage court shoes like 998/992 or hiking boots like Fresh Foam Hierro v5 etc.—represents dedication not only to producing top-quality footwear but also supporting domestic jobs across our states who craft them with great care every time!