Does Cigna Supplement Offer Silver Sneakers?

Does Cigna Supplement Offer Silver Sneakers?

Short answer: Does Cigna supplement offer Silver Sneakers?

Yes, Cigna offers the SilverSneakers program as a complimentary benefit in select Cigna Medicare Supplement plans. Eligibility varies by plan type and location.

What Is Cigna Supplement and Do They Offer Silver Sneakers?

Cigna Supplement plans are just what they sound like – supplemental insurance coverage offered by the well-known healthcare company Cigna. These plans are designed to provide additional benefits that may not be covered by original Medicare such as deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments.

But, let’s get to the real question you’re wondering about – Does Cigna Supplement offer Silver Sneakers? The answer is yes! For those not in-the-know, SilverSneakers is a fitness program for seniors that provides access to various gyms and fitness centers across the US. It’s an excellent way for older adults to stay active and healthy.

Cigna’s supplemental insurance plans generally offer different levels of benefits depending on which plan you choose. Some include gym memberships at no extra cost, while others may require a small fee or only offer discounts on gym memberships.

So why does it matter if Cigna offers Silver Sneakers? Well, for starters, staying physically active has numerous health benefits such as reducing risk for chronic diseases like heart disease or type 2 diabetes. Additionally, having access to different types of exercise equipment and classes can be motivating and help seniors improve their overall quality of life.

Signing up for a Cigna Supplemental insurance plan that offers Silver Sneakers is simple. You’ll need to review your options and pick a plan that includes this benefit; once enrolled, you can then show your ID card at any eligible location listed on the Silver Sneakers website.

Not only does Cigna provide excellent healthcare coverage but now with their added offering of Silver Sneakers within their supplement plans they prove themselves as one of the leading providers in senior healthcare support services. Overall, if you’re looking for comprehensive Medicare coverage along with added wellness features like gym memberships from organizations like SilverSneakers – Cigna Supplement could be just the right fit for you!

A Step-by-Step Explanation of How Cigna Supplement Offers Silver Sneakers

Cigna Supplement is a leading provider of health insurance and wellness programs across the United States. One of their unique offerings that promises to keep you active and healthy is Silver Sneakers – an innovative fitness program exclusively designed for seniors. In this blog, we will give you a step-by-step explanation of how Cigna Supplement provides Silver Sneakers benefits to its customers.

Step 1: Choosing Your Cigna Supplement Plan

The first step in getting access to Silver Sneakers benefits through Cigna Supplement is to choose one of their eligible plans. Not all Cigna plans offer Silver Sneakers as a complementary program, so it’s important to check with your local agent or Customer Service Representative which plan offers this benefit. Once you’ve chosen the right plan for your needs, you automatically qualify for free access to the Silver Sneakers program.

Step 2: Registering for Silver Sneakers

Once you have selected an eligible plan, the second step is registering yourself with the nearest gym or fitness center that accepts Silver Sneakers membership. The registration process is straightforward – just present your Cigna ID card at any participating gym or fitness facility, and they will take care of setting up your account and getting you started on your exercise journey!

Step 3: Enjoying Free Fitness Classes & Programs

With your registration complete, it’s now time to enjoy free fitness classes and programs offered through Silver Sneakers! There are more than 16,000 locations nationwide that accept this program. So regardless of where you live or travel within the US, there’s always somewhere that welcomes you.

The best part? You can choose from a vast array of exercises and workouts based on what suits your interests and physical abilities! From yoga to pilates, water aerobics to cardio kickboxing – there’s something for everyone here!

Step 4: Tracking Your Progress & Reaping the Benefits

Finally, when it comes to Silver Sneakers, the benefits are far-reaching. Not only do you get access to free exercise programs and classes tailored to your age group, but also helpful health education materials and personalized guidance from qualified trainers. You can also track your progress using their mobile app or online portal, which will show you how many calories you burned during each workout session.

In conclusion, Cigna Supplement offers an excellent package of health insurance along with a wellness program called Silver Sneakers – an innovative fitness regime exclusively designed for seniors. By following these four simple steps- choosing the right plan, registering at a participating gym or center, enjoying free fitness classes and tracking your progress throughout the journey – you can enjoy the Silver Sneakers benefits that will keep you active and healthy even in your golden years!

Frequently Asked Questions: Does Cigna Supplement Really Offer Silver Sneakers?

As seniors age, physical activity and exercise become even more important to their health and wellness. That’s where Silver Sneakers comes in, offering a free fitness program for those over 65, providing access to gyms, community centers, and other facilities that offer exercise classes specifically designed for seniors.

One question that is often asked by senior citizens searching for the best healthcare options is whether Cigna Supplement really does offer Silver Sneakers as part of its benefits package. The answer is yes! And we’re here to tell you all about it.

Cigna Supplement offers a variety of Medicare supplement plans to help fill gaps in your Original Medicare coverage. While not all plans include Silver Sneakers directly through Cigna itself, there are several options available with different levels of coverage.

For example, the Cigna HealthSpring Preferred HMO plan includes a gym membership with full access to participating SilverSneaker locations. This means you’ll be able to attend any class or workout session at your leisure without worrying about paying extra fees.

If you prefer more comprehensive coverage with tons of additional benefits on top of Silver Sneakers, then the Cigna HealthSpring Premier Plus HMO plan offers exactly what you need with dental services and meal delivery included on top of its SilverSneaker benefit.

It’s worth noting that some plans may have varying levels of participation from specific gyms or facilities but overall provide nationwide access to the program wherever offered which means you can always find the right places to fit your routine no matter where life takes you.

To take advantage of this incredible benefit that can help keep seniors healthy and active long into their golden years, get in touch with our team today and explore how Cigna can meet your needs for quality insurance coverage.

The Benefits of Silver Sneakers for Cigna Supplement Members

As we age, keeping fit and active becomes especially crucial for maintaining good health. Regular exercise not only helps with weight management, but it also boosts cardiovascular health, improves balance and coordination, strengthens bones and muscles, and enhances cognitive function. However, the costs associated with gym memberships or fitness classes can be a barrier to many seniors who are living on a fixed income or struggling with medical bills.

Thankfully, Cigna Supplement members have access to Silver Sneakers – a free fitness program designed specifically for older adults. The benefits of the Silver Sneakers program are numerous and significant.

Firstly, Silver Sneakers is available at no extra cost to Cigna Supplement members who sign up. This means that you can enjoy all the advantages of a fully-equipped gym without having to worry about membership fees or lengthy contracts. With Silver Sneakers, you will gain access to extensive facilities such as swimming pools, weight rooms, cardio equipment like treadmills and stationary bikes, yoga studios enabling you to customize your fitness routine according to your needs.

The Silver Sneakers program offers an array of classes that cater towards different levels of fitness experience; from yoga and tai chi for those looking for low-impact exercises to Zumba® dance-fitness for those seeking high-energy aerobic workouts ‘that feel more like play than work’.

Additionally, socializing while exercising in an environment suitable for their age group is essential in motivating seniors which has been scientifically proven over time through several studies indicating positive mental effects due to socialization during physical activity.

Apart from offering tailored workout routines and access to top-notch amenities at no additional cost for the eligible Cigna Supplement Members – one other amazing benefit that is provided by the program is even more reason why this offer should not be ignored.

Eligible members participating in any form of activity through SilverSneakers® receive vouchers that could translate into redeemable advantages such as paying zero dollar out-of-pocket for dental, vision, hearing aids and even for preventive screenings which covers crucial medical expenses that can lead to better overall health outcomes and make healthy living accessible for older adults.

In summary, the benefits of Silver Sneakers program for Cigna Supplement members cannot be over-emphasized. They have a litany of state-of-the-art facilities readily available at no extra cost to help them maintain their fitness goals as they age along with amazing social interactions, expert classes, and valuable benefits — providing them much-needed relief in this time of increasing healthcare problems.

Understanding the Eligibility Requirements for Cigna Supplement’s Silver Sneakers Program

If you’re one of the many people who enjoy staying active and exploring new forms of exercise, then you’ll be happy to know about Cigna Supplement’s Silver Sneakers program. This innovative fitness initiative is designed to provide senior citizens with free access to over 16,000 gym locations across the country, as well as a wide range of exercise classes and activities.

However, before signing up for the Silver Sneakers program or recommending it to a friend or family member, it’s important to understand the eligibility requirements. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Age: The first criteria that individuals must meet in order to qualify for Silver Sneakers is age. You must be at least 65 years old or older in order to enroll in this program.

2. Insurance coverage: In order for Cigna Supplement’s Silver Sneakers program benefits to apply, participants must also have Medicare Advantage plans through either Cigna-HealthSpring or another insurance provider that participates in the program.

3. Gym membership: Once an individual meets the age requirement and has insurance coverage through a participating provider, they can claim their benefits by enrolling with a participating gym like LA Fitness or YMCA.

4. Class availability: Along with providing access to participating gyms and fitness centers throughout the nation, Silver Sneakers also offers seniors instruction on classes such as aerobics, yoga, Pilates and much more.

5. Location-Specific Policy Differences – Depending on state laws , some policy restrictions may differ from others so make sure you check your locality health care policies

By meeting all qualification criteria outlined by Cigna Supplements’ Silver Sneaker Program an individual can gain access not only activities that help maintain good physical health but also social connections aswell.

Overall, if any senior citizen wants free entrance into gyms plus offered supplementary classes under insurance coverage via Cigna supplements then silver sneakers is definitely worth exploring!

So, if you’re looking to stay active, live a healthy lifestyle and meet new friends then sign up for Cigna Supplements’ Silver Sneakers program today. You deserve it!

How to Sign Up for Silver Sneakers through Cigna Supplement

Are you a senior citizen who wants to stay fit and healthy but is wary of the high costs associated with gym memberships? Look no further than Silver Sneakers, the fitness program designed specifically for seniors! And if you’re insured through Cigna Supplement, signing up has never been easier. Here’s how.

Step 1: Check your eligibility
Before signing up for Silver Sneakers through Cigna Supplement, it’s important to confirm that you are indeed eligible . The good news is that many Cigna Supplement plans offer Silver Sneakers as a benefit – check with your specific plan or contact customer service to see if yours qualifies.

Step 2: Find Silver Sneakers Centers Near You
Once you’ve confirmed eligibility , find your nearest participating fitness center by visiting the “Find a Location” section of the company’s website. This gives you access to over 16,000 locations nationwide all offering generous amenities ranging from pools, saunas, whirlpools and steam rooms.

You can also get in touch with Customer Service Representatives at SilverSneaker on their toll-free number (866)584-7389 or directly through the website for assistance on finding a gym facility nearby.

Step 3 : Call ahead

Next step is calling ahead to let them know about your intentions of joining one of their classes or using any available equipment like Treadmills or stationary bikes. This way they’ll be informed early enough so that they could manage time slot and space availability accordingly

Step 4 : Bring insurance card and ID proof
On signing up and purchasing a gym membership via SilverSneakers’ program all members are required to show their ID proof alongside an insurance card to verify coverage under Cigna Supplement.

If everything checks out great Job done! Collect your pass or other additional information concerning the facility depending on services offered – then off you go enjoying exercise that’s both affordable and beneficial!

In conclusion, joining Silver Sneakers program puts you in the driver’s seat of your wellness– it provides options that any senior looking to stay active and engaged can surely appreciate. With Cigna Supplement, the journey is simple to sign-up for this amazing benefit – by confirming eligibility then finding a center, making contact with them and providing necessary identification documents alongside insurance cards ; which sets off a healthy new start focused all on you!