Does Aetna Offer Silver Sneakers Program?

Does Aetna Offer Silver Sneakers Program?

Short answer does aetna offer silver sneakers program:

Aetna offers the SilverSneakers program to eligible members as part of their Medicare Advantage plans. Members can access gym memberships, fitness classes, and other wellness resources at no additional cost through this program.

What is the Aetna Silver Sneakers Program?

The Aetna Silver Sneakers Program is a unique health and fitness program designed to help seniors stay active and healthy. It’s an initiative that’s been created specifically for people aged 65 and above, who are looking to maintain their fitness levels despite the challenges of aging.

If you’re wondering what makes it so special, then let us tell you – it’s the comprehensive approach towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The Silver Sneakers program provides access to a variety of activities such as yoga, swimming, dancing, strength training classes, and much more! Not only do they offer group-based workouts like Zumba and water aerobics but also several virtual workout options. Moreover, Aetna Silver Sneakers has partnered with over 16k gyms across the United States which are part of their program network.

To make things even better – the Aetna Silver Sneakers Program is offered at no additional cost to Medicare beneficiaries who have an eligible plan. This means more opportunities for seniors wanting to focus on their overall well-being without worrying about added costs.

So how exactly does this work? Once you sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan through Aetna, all you need to do is enroll in the Aetna Silver Sneakers Program. You will be given a gym membership or access to a virtual platform where you can choose from any number of classes available!

The benefits of exercise in later life are second to none. These classes cater towards boosting physical endurance that may provide relief from joint pain or arthritis while also improving balance & coordination making falls less likely. Exercise isn’t just good for your body; it’s great for mental health too! Maintaining social connections through classes offered by the Silver Sneaker program will keep isolation at bay whilst simultaneously nurturing friendly relationships.

Overall, The Aetna Silver Sneakers Program may very well be one crucial stepping stone toward elderliness focused on enhancing self-care that’ll bring joy while supporting a healthy lifestyle. So why not check it out for yourself!

How to Access the Aetna Silver Sneakers Program.

The Aetna Silver Sneakers Program is a fitness initiative aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle for seniors aged 65 years or older. This program is designed to encourage members to stay active and move their bodies by providing access to an array of physical activities, wellness resources, and social connections. If you are an Aetna member wondering how you can access this amazing program, keep reading for comprehensive instructions on how to get started.

Step 1: Verify Eligibility

To qualify for the Aetna Silver Sneakers Program, you must be at least 65 years old and enrolled in one of the following Aetna health insurance plans:
• Aetna Medicare Advantage plans
• Aetna Medicare Supplement Insurance policies
• Some Aetna group plans

To confirm your eligibility status, reach out to an authorized Aetna agent or customer service representative.

Step 2: Register for the Program

Once you have verified eligibility, the next step is to register with SilverSneakers. To do so, follow these simple steps:
• Visit
• Click “Find Your Plan” from the home page navigation menu
• Enter your zip code and select “Aetna” as your health plan provider.
• Choose the specific plan you are enrolled in.
• Follow prompts until you reach a registration form requesting personal information.

Be sure to provide accurate information as registering with incorrect data may limit or impede access later in the process.

Step 3: Locate Participating Fitness Facilities

One of the main perks of joining this program is gaining access to various fitness facilities like gyms, community centers, YMCAs among others. With over 16k participating locations across all states in America including Puerto Rico; locating these facilities near you couldn’t be easier! All registered members receive a virtual membership card that they can use by simply presenting it on arrival at any participating facility.

Step 4: Access Online Fitness Resources

If traveling isn’t ideal, Silver Sneakers offers an online portal that members can use to access numerous resources. These include online workout videos, nutrition articles, information on mental health and wellbeing and resources for new exercises. Just go to, log in (if you haven’t already), navigate through the fitness resources section of the site, and select a suitable activity!

Overall Benefit

The Aetna Silver Sneaker program is an initiative geared towards encouraging our seniors to lead healthy lives while enjoying good company – physically distanced of course! Being able to get out there and stay fit has never been simpler. As beneficiaries of the program, members reduce their healthcare expenses by remaining active as it positively impacts their overall wellness hence avoiding unnecessary medical bills or frequent visits to doctors.

In conclusion, accessing the Aetna SilverSneakers Program is feasible with just a few steps outlined above. Once registered, members have access to multiple gym facilities nationwide with many online resources such as virtual events portrayed on-line or even recipes for living healthier lifestyles all within reach! As Benjamin Franklin once said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. So why wait? Join the movement today!

Step-by-Step Guide: Enrolling in the Aetna Silver Sneakers Program.

As we age, taking care of our health becomes increasingly important. And staying active in retirement is one of the keys to a healthier and happier life. Fortunately, Aetna offers a program that can help keep you in shape: Silver Sneakers. This fantastic program provides access to fitness centers and classes that are tailored for seniors, helping you maintain your physical health and stay socially engaged. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to enroll in the Aetna Silver Sneakers Program.

Step 1: Check Your Eligibility

Before enrolling in the Aetna Silver Sneakers Program, it’s vital to determine if you’re eligible. The program is available for those with an Aetna Medicare Advantage plan through participating insurance providers like Coventry Health Care Plans or Amerigroup.

If you have any doubts about your eligibility or need more information about what may be included with your coverage, call Aetna’s customer support team at 1-800-367-3636 during normal business hours (8 am – 6 pm from Monday to Friday).

Step 2: Find a Participating Fitness Center

Once you’ve confirmed your eligibility, the next step is to find a participating fitness center near you. You can search online on the official Silver Sneakers website by entering your zip code or location and filtering based on preferred facilities’ amenities such as swimming pools.

Step 3: Enroll in Silver Sneakers Online

After finding your desired gym center’s location where Silver Sneaker classes are offered, go ahead and enroll online on the official website using this link If needed, simply follow these instructions:

• Create an account by providing necessary information such as name, date of birth, gender and address.

• Enter details about any medical limitations or restrictions if applicable.

• Select Aetna as your insurance provider (and enter your insurance information) to complete the enrollment.

Step 4: Get Your Membership Card

Once you’ve completed your online enrollment process, you can expect to receive a membership card in the mail within 2-3 weeks after enrollment. This Silver Sneakers card gives you access to participating locations and is non-transferable, so keep it safe.

With this membership card, participating center amenities like pools, saunas, weight rooms as well as Silver Sneaker classes are fully accessible for you at no extra cost.

Final Thoughts

The Aetna Silver Sneakers Program is an excellent way for eligible seniors to maintain their physical health and stay socially engaged. Enrolling in the program only takes a few simple steps – confirming eligibility by calling Aetna’s customer support team, finding a participating gym center near you via the official website and completing the enrollment process online.

As retirees look for ways to improve their fitness routine during this pandemic period where social distancing is of prime importance. It’s essential that seniors take care of themselves even if they have limited mobility or other medical concerns. With Aetna providing insurance coverage specifically designed with older adults’ needs in mind and offering programs such as Silver Sneaker’s, gaining access to regular exercise improves overall quality of life with minimal effort!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Aetna Silver Sneakers Program.

Are you ready to take your fitness journey to the next level? Are you curious about the Aetna Silver Sneakers Program? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand this program better.

What is Aetna Silver Sneakers Program?
Aetna Silver Sneakers is a program offered by Aetna to provide wellness opportunities and fitness facilities for seniors. The program aims to improve their health and lifestyle by increasing physical activity, social interaction, and overall well-being. Participation in this program can result in a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Who are eligible for Aetna Silver Sneakers Program?
Aetna Silver Sneakers is designed for people who are 65+ years old or younger qualified individuals with disabilities or chronic diseases (depending on the state law). It usually comes as a benefit of certain Medicare plans but not all of them offer it.

What does Aetna Silver Sneakers Membership entail?
The program’s membership includes access to participating gyms, health centers, yoga studios, Pilates studios, senior-friendly facilities like parks & community centers. Members also receive exclusive discounts from participating stores such as footwear shops and nutrition programs too.

Where can I find participating gyms or fitness centers?
You can visit the official website , click on “Find my location”, then enter your ZIP code or city/state details. You will then be provided with all available locations near your area.

Do I need to be an expert at exercising before joining the program?
The answer is NO! The activities provided by most of our partners are agile and gentle exercises such as aquatic workouts, senior-friendly yoga classes which everyone regardless of their experience levels can participate in comfortably

How much does Aetna Silver Sneakers cost me if I sign up for it independently?
An individual membership costs on average per month. Choosing Aetna Medicare coverage that includes the Silver Sneakers program can be an affordable way to enjoy the many benefits of this wellness membership without going out of pocket.

Is Silver Sneakers program worth joining?
It’s a big YES! With its easy-to-find participating locations, unlimited access to fitness centers and classes, exclusive discount packages and so much more. By joining the Aetna Silver Sneakers program, you just begun your journey towards an active lifestyle and good health but also make new friends in the process.

In conclusion, if you’ve been looking for ways to enhance your health or stay fit even as a senior citizen, consider joining the Aetna Silver Sneakers Program.
If you’re already a member we hope this article will help answer any queries or doubts you might have had about this beneficial program. Start making better choices today; It is never too late to start improving your quality of life with Silversneaker Fitness Program!

So let us know what you think about our FAQs or if you have any further questions? Comment down below!

Benefits of Participating in the Aetna Silver Sneakers Program.

As we age, our bodies tend to slow down and become more vulnerable to illnesses and conditions that can affect our overall quality of life. However, staying active is one of the best ways to keep both you and your body healthy and strong even as you grow older. That’s where the Aetna Silver Sneakers Program comes in – a fitness program designed just for seniors that offers numerous health benefits for participants.

For those who may be unfamiliar, Silver Sneakers is a network of fitness programs offered by insurance providers including Aetna that aim to promote healthy aging through physical activity. While participating in the program, seniors have access to a variety of gym equipment, classes, instructors and other resources to help them stay engaged and motivated in their fitness journey.

So what are some of the key benefits of participating in the Aetna Silver Sneakers program? Allow me to elaborate:

1. Better Physical Health

Regular exercise helps improve muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, balance, mobility, cardiovascular health among other areas. When you participate in the Aetna Silver Sneakers Program regularly it’s like a personal gym experience designed especially for seniors which goes a long way towards promoting optimal health outcomes throughout retirement years.

2. Increased Socialization

One major challenge faced by many older adults is social isolation. Engaging with others during group workouts or classes can help alleviate feelings of loneliness by connecting people with others who share similar interests in maintaining good physical health.

3. Cost Savings on Gym Memberships

The financial savings can also be significant when working with an insurance provider like Aetna as they offer coverage for most if not all costs associated with your participation in the program so you can enjoy attentive low-impact workout plans without having to worry about paying any extra fees out-of-pocket

4. Improved Well-Being

Taking regular physical exercise has been repeatedly shown by researchers to reduce stress levels while improving mood at any age but especially it’s much needed in seniors. Participants in the Aetna Silver Sneakers program often report more enthusiasm about their overall physical fitness routine which in turn helps them feel more confident, energetic, and positive overall.

5. Effective Chronic Pain Management

Regular exercise can help alleviate chronic pain conditions like arthritis or back pain by restoring mobility, enhancing joint strength and reducing inflammation. For those who experience daily aches and pains, the Silver Sneakers Program is an excellent starting point to work on your wellbeing goals at your pace and with plenty of support.

In conclusion, if you’re a senior citizen looking to promote active aging while enjoying numerous benefits that will have an all rounded impact on your health and wellbeing then the Aetna Silver Sneakers Program presents an opportunity worthy to grab with both hands! With it you’ll find cost-effective ways to achieve peak physical fitness as well as opportunities for fun social interactions that make getting fit easy and enjoyable. Sign up today and start experiencing its many benefits for yourself!

How to Make the Most of Your Aetna Silver Sneakers Membership.

Are you over 65 and signed up for an Aetna Medicare Advantage plan? Congrats! Your plan might include a free Silver Sneakers membership–a program that gives eligible seniors access to fitness facilities across the country. But how do you make the most of this perk? Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Find a participating gym or studio.

First thing’s first: go to the Silver Sneakers website and find participating gyms or studios in your area. You can search by zip code, city, or state. Choose one that’s convenient for you to get to on a regular basis.

2. Talk to a personal trainer.

Once you’ve picked a facility, schedule an appointment with a personal trainer (if available). He or she can assess your fitness level, help you set goals, and create a workout routine tailored specifically for your needs. Don’t be shy about asking questions–you’re there to learn!

3. Try new things.

Don’t let fear hold you back from trying new activities or equipment at the gym–especially if you’re walking into one for the first time in awhile. Experimenting with different exercises can add variety and interest to your workouts, keep them challenging, and help prevent boredom.

4. Make friends.

Going to the gym alone can feel intimidating at first. But remember: many users of Silver Sneakers are seniors too! Introduce yourself to someone on the treadmill next to yours, join group classes like Zumba or water aerobics where camaraderie is encouraged, or even try starting up conversations in common areas like locker rooms or lounges.

5. Track your progress.

Stay motivated by tracking your progress over time–whether it’s how long you ran on the treadmill without stopping, how much weight you lifted during strength training exercises, increased flexibility from yoga classes–anything will work as long as it helps keeps track of small accomplishments over time. Congratulate yourself when you set new personal records!

In conclusion, there are plenty of ways to make the most of your Silver Sneakers membership. From trying out new equipment to introducing yourself to fellow gym-goers, start small and keep pushing forward–you’ll get there. And remember: exercising regularly isn’t just about looking better–it’s also about feeling better both physically and mentally.
So what are you waiting for? Put on those sneakers, grab a friend or two, and have fun getting fit!